Our experience over the years in small and medium scales business accounts management and Auditing, firstly, has helped us to realize that;

  • most available accounting softwares do not provide the required Accounting and Bookkeeping necessary for sound business decision. At best, these accounting softwares are built to store complex business data and leave business owners to their mercy for financial and business report.
  • and secondly, most business owners do not realize these softwares are not Do-It-Yourself platform as they seem.

This illusion is largely responsible for the huge losses they suffer from their investment in accounting software and software related packages.

To offer our clients the chance to leverage on information technology in today’s business world, we have developed “easy to use” accounting softwares for the sole purpose of providing a platform for us to work with our numerious clients to improve their book keeping experience and be a stakeholder in the growth of their business.

We are truly interested in the success of our clients’ businees and our best intent is to manage their books with the newly developed Private Business Account and Bookkeeping Management software for accounts and financial report automation- AAPLUS.

The product AAPLUS is a carefully thought out solution built to overcome the bitter experience of managing Non Public Firm Accounts and Audits. It is designed to meet international accounting reporting standard. It demonstrates high capacity and functionality to manage business bookkeeping and accounts.