Periscope NG is in partnership with CyberSim, an IT security company headquartered in London with offices in Nigeria and Kenya. The goal of this partnership is to provide services that would ensure that the oil and gas, financial services and telecoms industries stay ahead of cyber crimes.

CyberSim’s “AAA+ value” proposition is a three-step mnemonic:
  1. Awareness (Training): Cybersim empowers organizations to improve performance through engaging, cost effective e-learning and executive workshops to raise the awareness of cyber threats within.
  2. Advice (Consultancy): CyberSim will provide ongoing support and give trusted advice on IT security matters.
  3. Assurance (Insurance): CyberSim’s strategic partnerships with syndicates at the Lloyds of London – the world’s largest specialist insurance market, allows us offer first rate cyber insurance with extensive coverage