G+Pro Accounting Software is a new product designed by P.A Adebimpe & Co. and Periscope Consulting Limited (PCL) jointly known as PAACO-PCL Consortium.

G+ Pro was specifically developed to satisfy the unique needs of our clients towards the Adoption and Implementation of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) at all tiers of government in Nigeria. G+ Pro not only enables easy, quick and effective decision making processes, the product also serves to abate the degree of ineffective management decisions reached as a result of wrong or inadequate financial information. Key Features of the application are;

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability


The deployment objectives of G+ pro are as follows:

  • Information – A well designed accounting system provides its users with real time analytical information and the ability to present relevant data in a timely, consistent, and concise manner.
  • Platform for other systems – Analytics and Business Intelligence systems all leverage on the abstraction that the accounting system enforces. The information to be generated from this Accounting Software will provide a better method of gathering information for other additional Business Intelligence Reports.
  • Efficiency – With business software automation and readily available information, staff can spend less time re-keying data, searching and collating, and more time running the business.
  • Improved Service – Access to other history helps your sales and marketing team to improve service delivery.
  • Better supply chain visibility and communication – Knowing what inventory quantities you have in hand, what is backordered, and when your suppliers will ship, all help you run your business with smaller inventories and better inventory turnaround.
  • Improved Cash Management – If you know your sales order pipeline, your current inventory position and requirements, and your current cash commitments, you can manage the cash requirements of the business without any problem.
  • Respond quickly to change – A powerful, flexible accounting software system will allow you to respond to rapid market changes, restructure the company hierarchy, add or remove lines of business, change pricing models, acquire new businesses or spin off old ones.
  • Control – A strong accounting package provides management with internal controls to record transactions in a timely and consistent manner. These controls ensure that only authorized users have access and that adequate segregation of duties is being enforced to help prevent fraud and abuse.
  • Security – For many companies, accounting software security is based on a need-to-know basis. In addition to access management, the data itself should be secured from malicious activities, as well as system failure or natural disaster. The system also provides for recovery up to the point of failure.