In today’s world, filing system, is not only defined by set of policies and procedures for organizing and identifying files or documents to speed their retrieval, use, and disposition but inclusively considers What file(s) a project/program maintains, Who maintains them, Where they are maintained and What record schedule describes its record series, retention and disposition.

The need to leverage advancement in printing and scanning technologies to cut down operations cost of maintaining filing system and setup is increasingly becoming common and relevant in public and private sectors. The goal of this need is to provide required tools and services to implement “paperless office”.

AFMIS, is a filing solution that provides a platform for setting up a virtual filling system for the purpose of automating the management of physical file access, usage and movement within organization.

In a bid to optimise business processes and increase productivity, organisations across the globe are turning to AFMIS for solution to the enormous challenge that comes with document management (i.e. files classification, file archiving, retrieval, sharing, recovery, trasfer and file auditing ). Government offices are increasingly turning to AFMIS to help streamline operations and improve productivity, particularly in the administrative departments.